Stretched Ears

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These solid silver Bubbles come in a silver brush finish, as well as yellow gold or rose gold plating. They are the perfect cute classy accessory for a night out or a casual day. We also have Branches from Alchemy Adornment.


Gift Cards

Can’t decide? Not sure what they need? Get a gift card, and let them choose!

Gift cards can also be used as tattoo deposits for yourself, or someone else.


Hammered Disc Earrings

Handmade silver Hammered Disc Earrings. With the unique texture and careful polishing method these earring are one of a kind.


Odette Stone Plugs

Handmade silver  Odette stone plugs are perfect for a casual day or fancy night out. Detailed setting with gorgeous genuine stone make these plugs a 10/10. They would look amazing on men or women.


Silver Marrakesh Eyelets

These unique handmade silver marrakesh eyelets and plugs are perfect for a casual day or fancy night out. With a delicate yet simple design they are suited to anyone!


Industrial Strength Titanium CZ Flower Plugs

Highest quality, implant grade titanium, and beautifully cut clear gems make these CZ flower plugs an inspired choice at any age.