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2015’s Colour Of The Year: Marsala

by / Friday, 20 February 2015 / Published in Piercing, Trending

Pantone is the world’s leader in colour. They were the first to create a universal system for colour identification, a system that is used the world over to create consistency throughout the myriad of industries that utilize colour. If you are looking for the name for an exact colour, a name that you can give to anyone anywhere and find a perfect match, Pantone can tell you what that name is.

Every year, Pantone chooses it’s Colour Of The Year. A stand out shade that will trickle into the world of fashion, design, architecture, and our lives through the course of the year. 2015’s colour is Marsala.




Named for a wine, which was named for a city in Italy, Marsala is a rich reddish brown colour. It is a favorable colour for both men and women, and is flattering against an array of skin tones.




In the world of jewelry, Marsala is represented by various shades of Ruby and Garnet. And if head to toe red is not your jam, you’ll be happy to hear that the pairing possibilities are endless. Marsala is right at home with other rich earthy tones, but can also be paired with soft silver and lavender for a romantic feeling, orange and pink for a bold summer look, or peach and pale pink for an understated sophistication, to name a few.

Our favourite pairing however is the bold and daring combination of Marsala with Turquoise, Tiffany Blue, and Sapphire. For your viewing pleasures, we put together a sample of colours that falls into the Marsala spectrum, as well as a peak at our favourite pairing.

Feast your eyes on the possibilities, then visit the shop and let us adorn you with 2015’s Colour of the Year.