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About Us

Tranceformations is a full-service custom tattoo and piercing shop & studio centrally located in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Our tattoo artists are talented painters, sculptures, and lovers of the arts. They have travelled all over Canada, and Internationally. All of our tattoos are custom designed just for you at no additional charge to ensure that your piece of permanent art is perfectly suited to you, and utterly unique.

We pride ourselves in having the very best jewelry available, and pierce with only internally threaded, high polish, implant grade titanium or 14kt gold. Our gold is never alloyed with nickel. We are the flagship store for Alchemy Adornment and offer the largest selection of high quality body jewelry in Western Canada.

Our piercers are constantly updating their training and knowledge by attending the Association of Professional Piercers' annual conference, and all staff maintain current first aid, CPR, and bloodborne pathogens training. We were amongst the first shops in Canada to employ piercers who are member of the Association of Professional Piercers, and all of our piercers are members.

Whether you're looking for a place to get your next tattoo or coverup, a new piercing, or a safe place to get your child's ears pierced for the first time, we've got you covered.

Meet our Reception Team!


Our awesome front end Manager is currently on maternity leave following the birth if her beautiful daughter. We anxiously await her return at the end of summer.

Tehani is an experienced manager and body modification enthusiast who joined the team in 2016. She moved to Nanaimo from Surrey to enjoy laid back island life with her husband, dog Haole, and two cats.


Our lovely resident amazon Claudia has been with Tranceformations for less then a year, but quickly buried her way into our hearts. She is the first warm and friendly face that many people see when they arrive at the shop, and enjoys guiding each person to the correct tattoo artist, or into the right piece of jewelry.

Claudia loves to make jewelry and already helps out at our sister company Alchemy Adornment. She hopes to make a full transition into creating jewelry in the fall.


Meet our Tattoo Artists!


Originally from Victoria, Ryan was an artist from an early age and began a tattoo apprenticeship at Brian's Tattoo Studio in Abbotsford BC back in 2003. He worked in Abbotsford for 5 years before setting out to do guest spots around the world starting in Peru and Columbia before heading to Europe.

He tattooed extensively in Germany, Spain and the UK before settling back on the island at Tranceformations where he has been since 2014. He still travels frequently to Germany for guest spots, as well as conventions throughout western Canada.


Nick's tattoo career began in Ontario in 2009. He has worked all over Canada, and guested here at Tranceformations in 2012, and then again in 2015 before moving to BC to join us full time.

Nick is a prolific painter, spending much of his free time painting his favourite subject matter; wild animals. Many of his pieces are hanging around the studio. When he's not tattooing, painting, or drawing, you can find Nick exploring in the forest, dreaming of living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Kara - Apprentice

A long time client of Tranceformations, Kara joined the team as a receptionist back in 2013. She began a piercing apprenticeship later that year, and has performed over 3,000 piercing in her four year career. Kara adored piercing, but held within her a secret desire to tattoo.

In early 2017 Kara began a tattoo apprenticeship with Nick. She has spent the past year working on her drawing skills and putting together a book of flash. Although she is working hard to be a strong and versatile artist like her mentor, Kara has a special place in her heart for dinosaurs, animals with hats, snack foods, and all things silly or nerdy.

Meet our Piercers!


Our resident witch, Krystal’s parents raised her in a haunted hotel in a ghost town, which, obviously, imbued her with magical powers. She moved from city to city throughout her life, never staying in one place very long, until she arrived in Nanaimo in 2005 and decided to settle down a bit.

She started her piercing apprenticeship in 2011 after dipping her toes in almost every imaginable area of the work force, and then joined the Tranceformations team in 2015. She’s been an APP member since 2014.

Her passions include piercing, hiking, jewelry, the great outdoors, beautiful clothing, travel, and veganism. So, if you wanna get on her good side, tip her in delicious vegan desserts.


Mercedes moved here in 2012 from Edmonton, Alberta to study jazz music at VIU. When she was hired as the receptionist at Tranceformations, she discovered her love for body modification was more than just a passion and she wanted to make it a career. After managing to trick Darren into taking her on as a piercing apprentice, she began learning how to pierce in January of 2017.

Mercedes is now an integral part of the body piercing team, and our newest APP member. Her interests include singing, being a makeup goddess, and meeting all of the dogs in the world.


Darren is a free range half-hippie capitalist. He started piercing in 1995 at Back to the Garden in Prince George BC. He’s worked in countries as diverse as Mexico and Australia.

Darren completed a goldsmithing/diamond-setting apprenticeship with Richard Kotowski in 2009 and since then has combined the two disciplines to create an ever-growing line of custom offerings to his clients through his jewelry company Alchemy Adornment.

He opened Tranceformations with business partner Roland Churchill in 1999 in Nanaimo, British Columbia. He is a proud and active member of the Association of Professional Piercers. Darren constantly strives to improve the services that Tranceformations offers and the quality of his work.