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Annual Food Drive Fundraiser

by / Friday, 27 November 2015 / Published in News, Piercing, Tattoos, Uncategorized

In less then 24 hours, Tranceformations’ annual food drive fundraiser will kick off. In years past, staff have arrived at the shop early, only to find enthusiastic patrons who have arrived even earlier. We hope that this year will be no exception.

Here’s how the weekend will go:




Saturday November 27th: No piercing fee!

In exchange for a bag of non perishable food donations, you save $40-50 on your piercing fee. In addition to your food donation, 100% of the proceeds from the jewelry you buy for your new piercing will be donated to Haven Society. Double win!


Sunday November 28th: $50 tattoos!

For the first time ever, our tattoo artists will be getting in on the fundraising action! Exclusive flash has been prepared for the event, and people can choose any piece they like for only $50, with a non perishable food donation. 

Numbered tickets will be handed out at the beginning of the day, and we will call you 15 minutes before your appointment, that way you don’t have to wait around all day.

To keep the day running smoothly (and to make sure that our artists can tattoo as many people as possible) only the prepared art can be selected, and each piece has a set size. 


Tips to get you through the fundraiser: 

  • There will be no appointments on these days, only first come first served, so arrive early and be patient.   
  • Eat a good meal. Eating before a tattoo or piercing will keep your blood sugar in check, help prevent you from passing our or feeling nauseous, and make the overall experience easier on your body.
  • Be rested and hydrated. Having a good night’s sleep, and drinking lots of water are two more ways that you can take care of your body before a tattoo or piercing.
  • Bring a bag of non perishable food donations. We want to collect as much food as possible for the food bank, so be sure to dig deep and donate as much as you can. Anyone who arrives with a single can of beans will be sent to the nearest grocery store.
  • Bring your ID. We require ID for every single procedure, so make sure that you have it on you, ready to go when you fill out your waiver. This is also a good time to review our age policy:

Tattoos: 18+, no exceptions. None whatsoever. Not even with parental consent.

Piercings: 18+, nipples, genitals, industrials, certain cartilage piercings.

Piercings: 16+, all basic piercings, no parents required.

Piercings: 14-15, all basic piercings, with parental consent.

(Please note that the fundraiser is a a hectic and potentially frightening environment, so we will not be offering ear lobe piercings to children 13 and under today.)


We can’t wait to see you this weekend!