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Expressive or Exploitative?

A fierce group of girls strut down the runway at Fashion Week in Paris, modeling Givenchy’s upcoming Fall line. Their unique look has been referred to as Victorian Chola, black and lacy fabrics, paired with bold jewelry, and gelled baby

Downsizing Your Jewelry

So you just got your lip pierced and the jewelry is sticking out of your face like a tiny antenna. Not exactly the look you were going for, so what gives? Why can’t the jewelry just be the right size
It’s often the first question we get asked when a client walks through the door, “Is it going to hurt?” And while it’s normal to be concerned about the mysterious, unknown pain we’re choosing to inflict on ourselves, problems can

Fletcher’s Challenge

Fletcher’s Challenge is an all inclusive, fitness positive event dedicated to the memory of Gavin Fletcher. Gavin, who passed away in 2006, was an athlete, competitor, and dedicated family man. He was a member of the Nanaimo chapter of Runner’s