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The Gumball of Fate

Friday, 07 November 2014 by

We read this rad story recently about a tattoo shop in Toronto that had recently added a very intriguing gumball machine to their shop. For a very reasonable $80 customers can drop a coin into the machine, which dispenses random small tattoo designs. Whatever the gumball machine chooses is the design that the customer gets!

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Energy Addicts

Friday, 24 October 2014 by

Beautiful and horrible, is there any better way to describe Energy Addicts? The trio of energy harnessing devices, designed by Naomi Kizhner and constructed primarily of biopolymer and gold, are part of a speculative project designed to question our reliance on technology, and spark a discussion about how far we as a society would go

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Our modern world has long been fascinated with the indigenous tribes who thrive in remote parts of the Earth. When we look at these people, we see something beautiful, but unfamiliar. We see what life once was and we imagine what it could be, if our lives were free from the technologies and modern constructs

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Art has been a part of being human since the dawn of our species. The drive to leave our mark (often literally)  on the world around us, has endured through all stages of human evolution, as has our love of art. This love however, is not extended to all forms of art. For every piece

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