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For Life Or Longer

Friday, 28 November 2014 by

Everyone knows that – short of surgical intervention – tattoos are for life. But now, with the help of the recently formed Foundation For The Art and Science of Tattooing, your tattoo can last forever. The Amsterdam based foundation has a mission to preserve tattooed skin after death.  Interested parties can donate their tattoos by

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The Gumball of Fate

Friday, 07 November 2014 by

We read this rad story recently about a tattoo shop in Toronto that had recently added a very intriguing gumball machine to their shop. For a very reasonable $80 customers can drop a coin into the machine, which dispenses random small tattoo designs. Whatever the gumball machine chooses is the design that the customer gets!

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Forever After(care)

Friday, 31 October 2014 by

We’ve tattooed or pierced you, giving you our aftercare spiel, and bid you adieu, but our job does not end there! We promised to help you through the entire healing process and we meant it. Aftercare for tattoos and piercings is a complex beast. Our recommendations are built on our own experience, the experience of

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The New Starbucks Dress Code

Sunday, 19 October 2014 by

In a move that many are called progressive and well overdue, Starbucks recently announced sweeping changes to their dress code policy, now allowing some facial piercings and visible tattoos. Naturally, we are thrilled that our barista friends can finally get the tattoos and piercings that they have always wanted. Lots of articles are cropping up

DIY Tattoo Design

Friday, 10 October 2014 by

While ‘Do It Yourself’ has existed (primarily in home renovations and repairs) for the better part of a century, the movement has really exploded in the last decade. People from all walks of life commonly summon their dormant talents to create everything from home decor, to food, to musical instruments, to wedding dresses, and everything in between. And

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Our modern world has long been fascinated with the indigenous tribes who thrive in remote parts of the Earth. When we look at these people, we see something beautiful, but unfamiliar. We see what life once was and we imagine what it could be, if our lives were free from the technologies and modern constructs

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Intro It used to be that the average person chose to be tattooed in easily concealable places; arms, legs, back, and bum were all popular choices. In recent years however, the tides have changed. And as the stigma surrounding having tattoos dissipates, the tattoos themselves have begun creeping out into the open. This has brought

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Geeking Out

Friday, 27 June 2014 by

Tattoos are forever, but is your love? No, not the love of your boy/girl/sexytime friend. We’re talking about the love that you have for your favourite superhero, game, or pop culture icon. Geek love is a powerful thing, and what better way to express your unending affection then by adorning your body with eternal ink?

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Aging Ink

Friday, 13 June 2014 by

It’s probably the first question that any non-tattooed person asks a tattooed person when they discuss the latter’s choice to adorn their body with permanent ink. “How do you think that’s going to look when you’re old?”  And we finally have have the answer. Awesome. That’s how.     A lovely series of photos have been circulating

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