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The Daith Hearts You

by / Thursday, 27 March 2014 / Published in Jewelry

“Seriously, give me whichever piercing this jewelry goes in.”

Bezel Cluster


Daiths piercing are steadily growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why.

The inner ear cartilage piercing boasts an impressive array of potential adornments, from titanium clusters in an anodized (colored) hoop (pictured above and made by Anatometal), to simple gold hoops, and all of the way to ornate handmade masterpieces like the Arya (made by Alchemy Adornment and pictured below).



The Arya – named for the Game of Thrones character.

(It’s designer was listening to a lot of GOT audiobooks in his studio at the time)


Another option is to use a heart shaped piece of jewelry. Affectionately known as a “Daith Heart”, these adorable pieces come in as many variations as their ring cousins, and are almost more popular then the piercing itself. (many a piercee has walked into the shop, pointed to a Daith Heart, and asked “what do I need to pierce to have that?”)




Today, we thought we would answer some of your burning Daith questions, here we go:


Okay, how do I say that word? 

Daith is commonly pronounced “day-th”, but the proper pronunciation is actually “daw-th” (it rhymes with moth).


Is it more painful then other cartilage piercings? 

We actually get this question all of the time. While it is a tricky spot to get a needle and jewelry into, it’s made of the same cartilage as your helix (outer rim), conch (inner shell), or any other part of your upper ear, so most people find it fairly comparable to any of those.


How do you get in there?

With our wizard skills.

Daith piercings are tricky, and perfect placement is critical to a properly centered piercing. In a “true daith” piercing, the piercing should sit parallel to the inner shell (conch) of your ear, with the bottom hole a bit more forward so that from the side, it looks like the bottom of the hoop disappears into your ear canal (both of the piercings above are done like that).


How long has it been around? 

The daith piercing was actually co-created by a piercer and piercee in 1992. Here is a snippet of a quote from Fakir Musafar, known as the father of the Modern Primitives Movement:

“The Daith piercing was co-created in 1992 by Erik Dakota and a Jewish woman piercing client with a metaphysical bent. The woman instinctively understood what the Hindus had been teaching about body piercings for about 3,000 years: that rings left in an orifice of the body act as a “Guardian of the Gate”. In the case of the ear, an appropriately placed and charged ring could filter out all that is nonsense and let pass that which is intelligent.”


And what does the future hold? How much better can this get?? 

Who knows! And probably lots!

But new designs are popping up all of the time. Alchemy Adornment, which specializes in gold body jewelry, has already begun thinking outside the box, creating this envy inducing Double Daith Heart. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.