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Double The Fun!

by / Friday, 18 April 2014 / Published in Jewelry, Trending

Matched Nostril


Nostril piercings have enjoyed great favour in traditional Indian culture and throughout a host of different countries for centuries. In recent years they have been embraced by our modern society like no other facial piercing. Even in the workplace, where classic ear lobe piercings were previously the only allowable piercing, cute little nose studs are becoming more and more commonplace.


With everyone and their mom getting their noses adorned with hoops and studs, piercers and piercees are always looking for new and exciting ways to personalize the look. A very popular way to do that is getting your nose pierced more than once.


A beautiful matching set consisting of one traditionally placed piercing on either side if the nose can be very complimentary, especially when paired with dazzling and unique jewelry. (Bonus! No choosing which side you want done!)


Behold the possibilities:


 Paired Nostrils

This beautiful lady choose 14kt gold and white opal  from Alchemy Adornment.


Double Nostril

Here we have two on the same side, in ascending sizes, flattering the shape of the nose.


High Nostrils 

This incredibly stylish young man chose non traditional placement, known as a “high nostril”.


Gorgeous, right? I know! But WAIT! Before you go running out to get your existing nostril screw a new companion, there is something really important that you need to consider.


Next to picking amazing, high quality jewelry, it’s critical that you choose the right piercer. (Didn’t see that coming, did you?) While it is always important to choose a clean shop with experienced staff, it is especially critical with paired nostrils because they are in the centre of your face, and improper placement will be impossible to miss.


Make ’em straight? Sounds easy enough… except that it’s not. Your face is not symmetrical. It’s actually pretty far from symmetrical. (Try not to fret however, we’re all a bit off, it’s normal.) But it does make choosing the placement and angle a challenge that should be reserved for experienced piercers. (Just remember, experience in years does not necessarily guarantee you a piercer who truly cares about perfect placement.)


Whoever you do choose to trust with your beautiful, asymmetrical face, make sure that they really take the time during the marking process. Piercers who really care about perfect placement may nitpick their marks and adjust them until you fall into a boredom induced coma, but that’s not a bad thing.


As they say in the carpentry world, measure twice, cut once. In our world, it’s more like mark for 20 minutes, pierce once. Or, I guess in this case, twice.

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