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The Elusive Man Navel

by / Friday, 20 June 2014 / Published in Piercing

Take one loop around your local mall and you’ll see many of the iconic looks of the decade that introduced us to Brittany Spears, Jurassic Park, and Dunkaroos. That’s right, the 90’s are back. 

In the world of body piercing, this mean navels. And while the lady navel has never actually gone out of vogue, the man navel has seen no such resurgence in popularity.

What’s that? You didn’t know that man navel was ever popular? Well let me take you back to the early 90’s, to a time before Christy Turlington and Alicia Silverstone popularized the midriff piercing in the eyes of women across the country. Before that, it was not uncommon for both men and women to sport the piercing.


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And while virtually every other piercing has gained mainstream popularity across genders and sexual orientations, the navel is still predominantly perceived as a “girl” piercing. But why?

Public perception keeps it that way. With such a terrible stigma, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for men who are interested in the piercing to indulge without becoming the centre of ridicule amongst their peers. And with all that pressure to say no to man navel, it’s no wonder the bandwagon remains sparsely ridden.

So with that in mind, why do we love the elusive man navel? Maybe we’re attracted to the confidence it takes to ignore dated public opinion. Maybe we find it a little daring. Or could it be that a flicker of metal drawing our attention down a man’s chest turns our collective crank? Whatever the reason, we’d love to see more. More positive and endearing stories about men getting navel piercings.

And to get things rolling, I’d like to conclude with a call to action. If you, or a man you know has been contemplating a navel piercing, get in touch. We would love to hook you up with the best piercers and jewelry available. Not to mention our adoration.


(I’m holding this space until you get here, you trail blazer you.)


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