Di Lewis

Body Piercer - She/Her

Originally from the east coast of Canada, Di has been a professional piercer for 9 years. She completed her apprenticeship alongside a bachelor in psychology. 

Her interest in modifying the body through adornments started at a young age, with unknown inspiration. In her teen years it was further formed by early websites such as BME and led her into pursuing piercing as a full time career.

Di may be a familiar face to some of our clients, having done regular guest spots with Good Form over the past few years, and August 2022, moved to Nanaimo to join us at Good Form! She is certified in CPR/First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens, and her favourite piercings to perform are bridges, nostrils and eyebrows.

Follow Di on Instagram: @diesiraeblackwork


Piercings by Di


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