Kelsi Siefert - Guest Piercer


MAY 19th - 31st 2023

Kelsi (They/Them) has been working in the piercing industry since 2016. After an opportunity to apprentice at a well-established studio in Columbus, Ohio arose, they moved across the country to begin their piercing apprenticeship in 2018.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, Kelsi made the decision to move back to Ontario to be closer to family, and have been piercing at Royal City Adornments in Guelph, Ontario, ever since. In addition to being a professional body piercer, Kelsi has recently graduated a program for Assaulted Women/Children's Advocate/Counselling services (AWCCA), and therefore prides themself on a comfy and friendly client experience, focusing on consent, aseptic technique, and artistic skill. 

Some of Kelsi’s favourite piercings to perform are forward helix, tragus, and ear curations, as well as 'little lobe' (kid-friendly) lobe piercings. Kelsi is also a current Member of the APP, and looks forward to helping the lovely clients of Good Form. 

Follow them on instagram: @pierce_em_pretty




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