Our Values

Good Form Piercing & Tattoos is a queer, female owned business located centrally in Nanaimo BC. 


We value our staff and trust them to make impactful decisions that benefit the collective team. We respect staff and clients to show up as their full selves, inclusive of pronouns and gender expressions, race and ethnicity, sexuality, ability, religion, and more. Whoever you are, this space will welcome you.    

Our Mission Statement:

To improve the lives of our clients through body neutrality and creative self expression, while improving the lives of our staff through excellent working conditions, comprehensive benefits, and livable wages.

 Our Values:

Inclusivity - Maintaining an inclusive, friendly, and safe workplace to support our
staff and clients in a personal and professional manner.

Empathy - Collaborative teamwork that focuses on empathetic and compassionate communication.

Collaboration - Extending our standards, ethics, and commitment to excellence to our products and services, as well as the suppliers that we work with.

Growth - Continued education, training, and the development of skills both personally and professionally for our staff.


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