Administrative Jobs


At Good Form, our goal is to provide our clients with a seamless, professional, and pleasant experience. The receptionist's primary goal is to maximize the efficiency of day to day operations.

Receptionists are the first and last point of contact for all clients, and need to keep tattoo artists and piercers on task through thoughtful scheduling, careful cleaning, and exceptional organization.

The three components of the receptionist's job are:  


Client Care:

  • Greet clients within 3-5 seconds on entering the building.
  • Answer phones.
  • Call late/missed appointments.
  • Answer emails/social media messages/comments.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Input waiver information into Lightspeed.
  • Set up and complete transactions.
  • Prepare aftercare handouts and business cards.
  • Help clients pick out jewelry.
  • Recommend the appropriate tattoo artist.
  • Ensure deposits are collected and applied at the appropriate time.
  • Solve client problems efficiently and professionally.


  • Complete all daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks.
  • Seek out any additional cleaning that can be done.
  • Assist in processing and putting away tools from the bioroom.
  • Ensure there is always enough distilled water.
  • Change all communal garbages at the end of the day.

Social Media: 

  • Maintain regular posting schedules on all social media accounts.
  • Take and edit photos to use on social media accounts.
  • Update profiles and hours as needed.
  • Create contests and interactive online campaigns.

Pay and benefits: 

Proven success on the job is more important to us than a strong resume. For someone coming at an entry level, the 3 month probation period starts at minimum wage, and for someone with experience in a managerial setting, starting wage can be up to $17/hour. At the end of the 3 month probation period, wage is negotiable based on job performance. At this time receptionists/assistant managers also start to receive a percentage of tips, as well as comprehensive medical and dental benefits. We are currently looking at adding a bonus structure based on total sales.

Management Team  

A manager's primary goal is to keep the business running smoothly, facilitate communication with the owner, and advocate for all staff member’s best interests.

An assistant manager's primary goal is to take on any responsibility that falls into the manager’s duties, but is not the best use of their skill set or time, at the manager’s discretion.

While the manager/assistant manager job is fluid and may evolve as needed, the primary duties are as follows:


Consultant Responsibilities: 

  • Answer all questions posed by other staff. 
  • Provide input about supply orders/inventory adjustment.
  • Review email responses as needed (Specifically escalated or delicate situations).
  • Advise staff on best practices for any particular task.

General Tasks: 

  • Follow up about client issues.
  • Organize shared spaces.
  • Keep track of projects and tasks.
  • Prepare staff meeting agendas.
  • Chair staff meetings.
  • Mediate for staff issues.
  • Prepare for, schedule, and complete staff reviews.
  • Organize and file receipts. 
  • Updating the website and webstore. 
  • Attend quarterly and annual manager meetings. 


Examples of Larger Projects:

  • Schedule and promote holiday/special event flash days.
  • Create merch projects (Source materials, involve artists, place orders).
  • Organize fundraisers.
  • Write and implement new policies.
  • Assist with finding and welcoming guest artists.
  • Interviewing potential new hires, providing a training path.
  • Organize staff parties and events.

Additional Training: 

We are happy to train the right candidate from within the business. Each staff member is provided an annual ongoing education budget, and the opportunity to to learn to take on more tasks. This can include: 

* One on one training sessions with another manager.
* Online courses or workshops.
* Hands on courses or workshops. 



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