Ryan Holden

Tattoo Artist - He/Him


The Basics

Ryan will be booking his year in quarters; one month ahead of time. For example, his books will be open at the beginning of December to book January, February, and March. Then again at the beginning of March to book April, May, and June. If you are looking to book a touch up within the free 3 months period, please contact Ryan directly, or call the shop (250-729-9999).

How to Request an Appointment

When Ryans books open, you can go HERE  to request an appointment. His books will be open for 72 hours ONLY. He will begin looking through and replying to clients AFTER the 72 hours has elapsed, and his book have closed again. Booking priority will go as follows: In progress pieces (started by Ryan), Flash, Existing clients with a new custom piece, New clients with a custom piece.

Once your Request has Been Accepted

If you receive an email back from Ryan, you will have 48 hours to fill out your DEPOSIT WAIVER FORM  and send your NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, before your place is offered to the next client in line, and there will be no guarantee you will get booked. We will call you once to remind you before the 48 hours has passed, but if we do not hear from you, we will move on to the next client. Exceptions can be made if you remain in contact with us. Deposits are $50 per hour booked, so if you are looking for a larger piece, expect to pay upwards of $200 for your deposit.

If your Request has Been Denied

if you do not receive an email back from Ryan within 14 days after his books have closed again, unfortunately that means he was not able to accommodate your request this round, but please feel free to send in another request next time.


Once you have sent your deposit, Ryan will instruct you to call the shop to book an appointment time. Ryan works 11am-6pm, Tuesday - Saturday, he is not currently available to work outside of his scheduled hours, but will do his best to accommodate your schedule. Ryan can arrange in-person consultations at the shop, between 11am and 12pm daily; although if possible, the consultation will be done entirely via email or via video conference. An in person consultation is not an additional charge, but will only be scheduled once you have a deposit down for your tattoo appointment.


Ryan's rate is $190 per hour, although anything under 3 hours is done on a quote basis, as small tattoos will take less actual tattooing time, but generally takes up at least 2 hours of his day to accommodate the stenciling and cleaning time. Please consider another one of our ARTISTS with more availability.

Ryans Style

Ryan's style is strictly black and grey, and revolves around geometric patterns, madalas, floral, blackwork, dotwork, dainty line work, keltic knotwork, tribal, filigree, ornate designs, and nature-inspired designs. Ryan does not tattoo palms of the hands or feet, sides of the fingers, eyelids, or inside of the lip. he will consider other high visibility areas (top of hands, neck, face) only if you are already heavily tattooed. Ryan only offers cover-ups if its in solid black, as his style does not lend itself well to coverups.

About the Artist
Born and raised in Victoria BC, Ryan began drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. Having an interest in tattoos from an early age, he was offered an apprenticeship in 2003 at Brian's Tattoo Studio in Abbotsford where he trained under Brian Martin for 5 years.

After completing his apprenticeship, he left Canada and travelled to South America, Europe and Africa to gain experience and tattoo in other countries and soak up their influences. Home was always calling him back and he returned to Vancouver Island in 2014 where he's been in Nanaimo ever since. You can find him at Good Form Piercing & Tattoos most of the year although he still regularly travels for guest spots.
Follow Ryan on Instagram: @RyanHoldenTattoos

Tattoos by Ryan


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