Tattoo Artist Jobs

At Good Form, our goal is to provide our clients with a clean, inviting, and creative environment within which to see their tattoo dreams become reality. We strive to be the premiere studio for dedicated, talented tattoo artists to share their passion and their art with the world. We are working towards a larger studio and a well rounded staff of artists who will challenge and bring out the best in one another.

We are always looking for new talented artists to join our team.

 The best way to get to know us and the shop is to arrange a guest spot. Please apply via email with your resume, cover letter, examples of your best work, and links to social media accounts.   

We expect our tattoo artists to:

  • Always create their own designs and never copy the work of others.  
  • Provide collaborative consultations to our clients. 
  • Only offer pieces in styles that they are competent in performing, and recommend their coworkers in situation where another artist’s work would be better suited to the client’s idea.
  • Be prepared with all artwork and materials prior to the client's appointment start time. 
  • Clean their work stations (including mayo stand, chair, machines, cords, and wash bottles) between each client, and their chair base daily. 
  • Leave their counter space tidy and uncluttered by items not in use. 
  • Take out their own garbage at the end of each day.
  • Track all sterilized instruments used in the Sterilization Log.
  • Maintain a minimum of one personal social media platform for their work, and post 2x per week.


And in return you can expect us to: 

  • Provide all tattoo supplies, including ink, needles, tubes, and cartridges.
  • Employ a reception staff to clean the shop and help with bookings.   
  • Provide clients with aftercare handouts.
  • Provide personal business cards that can be customized to your tastes.
  • Edit all photos and post them to the shop's various social media accounts.
  • Provide an annual allowance for ongoing education.
  • Provide first aid/CPR and blood borne pathogens training through a third party.


Pay and Benefits: 

Tattoo artists are paid a commission based on the tattoos that they perform. Starting split is 50%, with all supplies provided, as well as employee status, and medical and dental benefits. 

(Guest artists are paid 70% commission, to help compensate for the cost of travel.) 


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