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FAQ (12)

Can I bring my own jewelry?

The short answer is yes, with conditions; the jewelry you bring must be implant grade titanium or high karat gold, have mirror polish, have the appropriate closure, and never have been worn. 

We guarantee our piercings (i.e. if your piercing does not heal after consultation and guidance with one of our professional piercers, we will waive the piercing fee for a re-pierce.)  and in order to do that we must guarantee our jewelry as well. This means we have to be sure that the material we are piercing you with is implant grade or gold that does not contain any possible allergens. If you bring us a piece of mystery jewelry, we do not know if it could possibly be harmful to you, or be suitable for a fresh piercing, and we simply do not want to take the risk.  Unfortunately, many types of jewelry that are widely available commonly contain nickel, lead, and other allergens and/or toxic materials. 

The jewelry that we offer is the very best available. It is all made in North America, has a mirror finish (so no pesky bacteria can live on it), and is internally threaded. Our titanium is ASTM certified implant grade, which means that it is metal held to the same standard as the metal that would be used to build a hip replacement, pacemaker, or any other device that is designed to live inside of the human body permanently. Our gold is dental quality, and only alloyed with quality materials. 

How much do piercings cost?

Piercings are either a $50 or $60 piercing fee plus the cost of jewelry. Please refer to our piercing page for more detailed pricing information on piercings as well as basic jewelry we offer.

How much do tattoos cost?

Tattooing costs $150  per hour, so the final price depends on the size and amount of detail in the tattoo you would like to get. Our shop minimum charge is $100,  so anything less than  an hour will be between $100  and $150.   All tattoo appointments require a non- refundable deposit of $50 per hour booked.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit shows us that you are serious about getting the tattoo, it secures your appointment spot. Deposits encourage you to give us notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your  appointment, and reduces the possibility of someone not showing up for an appointment. It basically ensures that neither you or the artist are wasting their time.

For more information on our deposit policy,  please see our tattoos page.

Can I bring in my own design? Do you have designs I can choose from?

We encourage people to bring  in their own original designs for tattoos, just note that in order  for them to work as a tattoo, the artist may need to change the design slightly. Pre-made tattoo designs are called “Flash” and we do not have any in the shop, as we would prefer to have our artist create a customized piece just for you. Designing  a custom piece doesn’t cost any extra, and our artists are always really excited to do something original!

I found this cool picture on the internet! Will you tattoo it on me?

We strongly discourage people from  copying  tattoos they have seen on the internet. Just  think about it this way: You found a cool tattoo on google/pinterest/ tumblr/instagram, but so did the other millions of people searching for tattoos on the internet. BOOM! But seriously… we like to do original artwork, so chances are if you bring  a picture from  the internet that you want us to copy we will probably try to talk you out of it, make changes to the design so it is more personalized, or just not do it.

Does it hurt?

There is not one specific answer to this question,  it’s different for everyone. Usually there  is some discomfort during a procedure, but not necessarily a lot of pain. Although some people are of the opinion that the procedures we perform are painful, we do everything in our power to make sure the experience is as quick and comfortable as possible. In short: it’s probably not as bad as you’re imagining.

How long will this take to heal?

Tattoos usually take anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks to heal, but this may vary from  person to person as different people heal at different speeds.

Piercing healing  times can vary significantly, but here are some healing  times for the most common piercings we do:

Area Pierced Average Healing Time
Nostril, Nipple, Navel, Ear Cartilage (including helix, rook, daith, industrial, tragus, anti-tragus, conch, etc.) 6-12 months Ear Lobe
Ear Lobe 3-5 Months
Surface Piercings and Microdermals 1 year +
Tongue, Lip, Labret, Monroe,  Medusa 3-6 months

Can I go swimming?

The short answer is no. Tattoos must be fully healed before you can submerge them in any body of water (pools, lakes, oceans, rivers and even bathtubs). For piercings it is advisable to wait until the piercing is healed, but no less than three  months before submerging it in any body of water. Disregarding this suggestion  will dramatically increase your chances of infection.

For nipple,  navel and surface piercings, Tegaderm bandages are a great option! When the bandage is applied  properly, they are completely waterproof, and since they are clear, they  also allow the jewelry to be visible.

Do I need to have ID?

YES! Valid,  government issue photo ID is required for every tattooing and piercing procedure. Acceptable ID is a valid drivers license, citizenship card or passport. For minors we will accept a student card with either a care card or birth certificate.

How old do I have to be to get piercings and tattoos?

For piercings the age limits vary. Click here to view our piercing age policies.

The age for tattooing is 18. No exceptions.

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