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The short answer is yes, with conditions; the jewelry you bring must be implant grade titanium or high karat gold, have mirror polish, have the appropriate closure, and never have been worn. 

We guarantee our piercings (i.e. if your piercing does not heal after consultation and guidance with one of our professional piercers, we will waive the piercing fee for a re-pierce.)  and in order to do that we must guarantee our jewelry as well. This means we have to be sure that the material we are piercing you with is implant grade or gold that does not contain any possible allergens. If you bring us a piece of mystery jewelry, we do not know if it could possibly be harmful to you, or be suitable for a fresh piercing, and we simply do not want to take the risk.  Unfortunately, many types of jewelry that are widely available commonly contain nickel, lead, and other allergens and/or toxic materials. 

The jewelry that we offer is the very best available. It is all made in North America, has a mirror finish (so no pesky bacteria can live on it), and is internally threaded. Our titanium is ASTM certified implant grade, which means that it is metal held to the same standard as the metal that would be used to build a hip replacement, pacemaker, or any other device that is designed to live inside of the human body permanently. Our gold is dental quality, and only alloyed with quality materials. 

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