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Geeking Out

by / Friday, 27 June 2014 / Published in Tattoos, Uncategorized

Tattoos are forever, but is your love?

No, not the love of your boy/girl/sexytime friend. We’re talking about the love that you have for your favourite superhero, game, or pop culture icon. Geek love is a powerful thing, and what better way to express your unending affection then by adorning your body with eternal ink?



Catwoman by the lovely Rakel.


The internet just can’t get enough. List upon list of geeky tattoo tributes pile up online, bringing us depictions of every fictitious character imaginable.



 Also by Rakel. We think that Boris Karloff would be proud.


Books turned into movies are a common theme. Publishers Weekly did a study (filled with science and stuff I’m sure) to find the top 5 books that inspire tattoos (Although, like Frankie up there, every one of the books on the list has been made into a movie, so who knows how that affected their popularity).

But it doesn’t end there. How about tattoos with strong science and math themes, or battle armour?



Tattoo by Ryan Holden.


And no geek list would be complete without the newest technology. Back in 2011, an industrious tattoo artist utilized QR technology to create the first animated tattoo. I didn’t even know what a QR code was the first time I watched that (Although, to be fair, I still don’t entirely understand the tech that bewitches that phone into showing us a little singing men).

So what’s on the horizon? How much more can we possibly express our love for all things geeky and fun?

Why don’t you tell me.


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