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Going Grey

by / Friday, 23 January 2015 / Published in Art and Culture, News, Trending

Grey hair is predicted to be one of the biggest trends this year, but not for the demographic you’d think.

Whether long or short, curly or straight, many young people (and a host of celebrities) are dying their locks shades of grey, silver, and titanium.


images lady-gaga-gallery pink_dailyvenusdiva

(While Kelly has been sporting grey for a while, many other familiar faces are now going grey)


Several UK based magazines are touting the trend as a shift in our societies perception of how we age. And while it’s true that a trend like this could encourage people to let their naturally silver roots rule, most pictures of older people sporting the new look are clearly dyed. Like a blonde dying her hair a different shade of blonde, the trend is not necessarily encouraging people to embrace nature.

In addition, a simple search for ‘grey hair’ or ‘grey hair trend’ yields primarily pictures of young people, mostly under 30. Pinterest is loaded with hundreds of stunning examples of how to rock your grey hair… but once again, focusing on a younger crowd.

For older women looking for a role model or an example of natural beauty embraced, look no further then Daphne Selfe (that’s Selfe, not Selfie) A model in her 80’s, Daphne proudly shows off her true colours.




Young or old, is this trend something that you would try? Would it inspire you to strip out years of hair dye and proudly flaunt naturally silver hair? Or is it a flash in the pan trend?