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New Year, New You

by / Friday, 02 January 2015 / Published in Piercing, Tattoos

Have you always wanted a piercing or tattoo, but have been too afraid of needles to commit? Make 2015 the year you conquered your fears by adding your desired form of body art to your New Years Resolution list.

2014 was a good year for the body modification industry. Tattoos and piercings continue to grow in popularity, as well as gain more and more acceptance in the workplace. And we want to see that growth and acceptance continue, so let’s get you on track!


How To Make Your Resolution Stick

1. Decide what you want. Be sure, but also be flexible, as your piercer or tattoo artist may need to make changes to suit your anatomy or optimize the design.

2. Find a shop. Your comfort, health, and safety matter. So take the time to find the *right* shop, one that answers all of your questions, keeps thorough records of their compliance to health and safety standards, and of course, has amazing staff.

And once you know where you want to go…

3. Book it now. This is the key to ensuring  you succeed in you resolution to get a new tattoo or piercing. Book that appointment while you are still on the power high of the New Year!

Go! Go NOW!

I’ll wait.



* *


* * *


* *



You did it! You committed to your goal.



(No need to panic, we’re still with you.)


How To Survive The Day  

1. Think healthy. Get a good night sleep, don’t be drunk or hungover, eat a big breakfast, bring water and a snack. You would be amazed how strong your body can be when you take good care of it.

2. Relax. Everything is in the hands of the artist now, nothing or you to worry about, just breath deep. (If you are particularly nervous about a tattoo session, consider bringing some relaxing music to help you get into the zone.)

3. Savour the high. You did it! Endorphins are coursing through your body, telling you that you can take on the world!

So add a check to your list, high five a stranger, do a victory dance, and kick 2015 in the ass!




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