Ryan Holden

Born and raised in Victoria BC, Ryan began drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. Having an interest in tattoos from an early age, he was offered an apprenticeship in 2003 at Brian's Tattoo Studio in Abbotsford where he trained under Brian Martin for 5 years.

After completing his apprenticeship, he left Canada and travelled to South America, Europe and Africa to gain experience and tattoo in other countries and soak up their influences. Home was always calling him back and he returned to Vancouver Island in 2014 where he's been in Nanaimo ever since. You can find him at Good Form Piercing & Tattoos most of the year although he still regularly travels for guest spots.

Ryan specializes in black and grey, illustrative, dotwork, geometric and mandalas but his style is as eclectic and diverse as the clients that come through the doors. He has been always influenced by a lot of things, but mainly it's the people by which he surrounds himself with that he draws the most from. 

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Tattoos by Ryan