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To book a piercing appointment please call or email the shop.

All of our initial piercings are performed using the highest quality implant-grade jewelry available on the market today. Our jewelry is made of implant-grade titanium, solid 14kt gold, niobium or in some cases pyrex glass. All of our barbells are internally threaded, and all of our jewelry is hand-polished to achieve maximum shine and a smooth surface finish and is guaranteed for life against manufacturers defects.

All of our piercers are highly trained in both aseptic technique, infection control and first aid. We have the most high-tech sterilization procedures of any piercing shop on Vancouver Island.

All of our basic piercings are guaranteed. If you are following proper aftercare instructions for your piercing and it does not heal in the allotted time we will re-pierce you at no charge. In the event that your body does not take to a certain piercing we will pierce you in another location at no charge (with the exception of jewelry). This does not apply to most surface piercings such as microdermals which should be considered non-permanent.
Neilmed Wound Wash --- $15

Neilmed Wound Wash --- $15

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Piercing Fees

Ear lobes Classic. Ear lobes count as pair. $55
Basic piercing Includes navel, cartilage, nipple, nose etc. $55
Advanced piercing Includes all genital and surface piercings, daith, and septum. $65
Second piercing Save by getting a second piercing in the same sitting. $25
Third piercing Save by getting a third piercing in the same sitting. $20


We have a huge selection of jewelry for both initial and healed piercings. If you don't see what you are looking for please ask. Often we will have backstock which is not displayed or we can do custom orders if there is something specific that you would like.


Pressure Fit Studs $50 and up
Captive Bead Rings $30 and up
Plain Barbells $50
Jewelled Navel Bars $85 and up
Glass Jewelry $60 / pair and up
Stainless Plugs $70 / pair and up

14Kt Gold

Plain Gold Pressure Fit Studs $65 and up
Jeweled Gold Pressure Fit Studs $110 and up
Genuine Diamond Pressure Fit Studs $135 and up
Gold Fixed Bead Rings $95
Gold Gemmed Rings $150 and up

Age Policy

  • We will do ear lobe piercings on anyone that is old enough to ask for it (with parental consent, of course); however parents are not allowed in the piercing room and will be asked to wait in the lobby.
  • We will do basic piercings at 14 years of age with parental consent and valid ID from child and parents.
  • We will do basic piercings at 16 years of age with valid ID.
  • Nipples, genitals, cheeks, surface piercings and industrial ear piercings we limit to 18 years of age.
  • You must have eaten a meal within the last four hours.
  • Note that ID is required for ALL piercing procedures.

After care

We have a variety of aftercare products available for purchase. Information is always free! We are available every day by phone or in person to answer any questions or deal with any problems that may arise.

Check out our comprehensive aftercare page for more info.