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Reasons Your Piercer Might Say No

by / Friday, 19 June 2015 / Published in Health, Piercing

In the customer service industry there is a well known (and controversial) saying, ‘the customer is always right’. This sentiment is often used to justify the validity of any customer request, and strong arm the service person into complying.

In some situations, this sentiment is helpful. If you have a problem with your hotel, you want to know that the staff will have your back. And if you want to skip lunch and order all of the desserts instead, your server should bring you all of the desserts without judgement. 

But as a body piercer, we need to think bigger then just what the customer wants. We also need to consider what they need, and what will be safe and healthy for them. It’s a big responsibility, and at times, very difficult. Here are some reasons why we might say no.




Your anatomy is not suitable for the piercing.

Every body is different, and if your skin/cartilage doesn’t sit just the right way, your piercing will not heal. We’d rather save you the trouble (and the unnecessary scarring) by not doing the piercing in the first place.

(This is very common with navel piercings, and various cartilage piercings, where the shape of the tissue varies substantially from person to person.)  


The piercing could be dangerous.

There’s a reason why you don’t see certain piercings on a regular basis, they’re just a bad idea. If we know that a piercing will permanently damage your body, carry an increased risk of infection, or otherwise put you at risk, it’s our job to protect you from that.

(There will be no eyelids, tongue tips, or finger webs pierced on my watch.)


We don’t have the right jewelry for you.

Incorrect jewelry can irritate your new piercing, and prolong your healing time. We’d rather you wait until we have the exact right size and style of jewelry.

(You’ll probably just be back in a week because the incorrect jewelry is bugging you, so waiting will save you heartache and money in the long run.)    


You’re not into the piercing.

This is especially relevant to our youngest clients. If someone is bribing, threatening, or coercing you into getting a piercing, sometimes we need to be the ones to step up and say ‘not today’.

(We wrote an entire post about finding the right time for kid’s lobes.) 


You don’t have your ID.

Even if you’re an adult, it’s important that we verify your information. 

(We want to be in business for a long time, and good record keeping is part of that.)


You haven’t eaten.

Your new piercing comes with a natural shot of adrenalin, and if your blood sugar is low, that adrenalin can really kick you in the tail. Fainting and even vomiting are not uncommon in these cases.

(And it doesn’t matter how big or tough you are either, you can’t fight chemistry.)


We’re not confident the piercing will heal.

There are many different reasons we might be concerned about your piercing. The most common reason would be that you already have multiple healing piercings. Your body can only handle so much, and putting too much strain on it can make everything act up and heal poorly.

(We usually say no more then 3 piercing at one time.) 


We’re not comfortable performing the piercing.

This could be for any number of reasons, but if your piercer is not comfortable, they will not be able to do their best work and they have the right to say no.

(We often have more then 1 piercer working.)


The good news is that no doesn’t need to be the end of the conversation. A good piercer will not only be able to tactfully decline your request, they will also come up with a great alternative. This might mean ordering you the right jewelry, booking you in for another day, or suggesting an alternative piercing that will be better for you.

Never be offended by no, and always be leery of anyone unwilling to say it. We’d love to take your money, but never at the expense of your health and long term happiness.




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