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Why You Shouldn’t Touch Your Jewelry

by / Friday, 01 May 2015 / Published in Health, Piercing

We see it everyday. The piercing is over, jewelry is in, we hold up the mirror, and the first thing people want to do is touch. We slap your hand away and scold you, what did we just talk about? 

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So why is it to important? Your piercing is on your body, and your hands are part of your body… what kind of germs can you really give yourself? 

The answer is lots! Remember that your new piercing is an open wound, and as susceptible to infection as any cut or scratch. Except unlike a cut or scratch, a new piercing is held open by your new jewelry, so the timeframe within which it is vulnerable is artificially extended. 

Next, consider how clean your hands really are. Unless you just washed them, you’ve probably picked up bacteria from stair rails, doors, money, pens, and pretty much everything else you’ve touched. The only way for your new piercing to get an infection is to introduce infectious material into your it. Touching the jewelry is the quickest and most effective way to do that.

Your hands are dirtier then you think, and the five second rule is a myth. 



(No germs are this polite)

Next up is rotating your jewelry. Even with freshly cleaned hands, moving your jewelry around can cause a lot of problems. Here are the three main reasons that people like to move their jewelry;

“I need to get the cleaner inside of it.” 

Moving things from the outside of your body to the inside is a good way to accidentally introduce bacteria from the surface of your skin, into your piercing. Your body is already working hard to push debris out of the new piercing channel. That’s what the clear or creamy coloured fluid that comes out of your piercing is doing. Stop stuffing it back in there. 


“The jewelry will attach to my skin if I don’t move it around.”

Jewelry should never attach to your skin. If it is, chances are that it’s either way too short (in which case your body can swell and grow around the jewelry), or it’s made of material that is extremely porous. Both problems can be solved by making sure that you are pierced with jewelry that is both the appropriate size and material. And if you do swell more then expected, or suspect that your body is trying to gobble up your jewelry, go back to your piercer, because moving it around can cause it to swell more, exacerbating the problem.


“Touching it is fun.”    

That may be true. But remember how picking the scabs off your scraped knees as a kid made them scar more and take longer to heal? Your body didn’t appreciate your interference then, and it doesn’t appreciate it now either. 


If you’re still not convinced that touching and moving your jewelry is bad, consider this; your body is trying really hard to heal the tissue around your new jewelry. Every time you move the jewelry, you’re attaching all those poor little baby cells trying to grow and help you. Your skin is soft, and metal is hard. Science. 

Still, still not convinced? Head over to Google and type in ‘piercing infections’. There is enough pus and gore in there to turn you into a complete germaphobe. Kinda like us. We’ve seen things… horrible things…

So, in conclusion, touch your piercings less. Move your jewelry less. Just a lot of less. Basically, not at all. 

When it is time to clean them, follow our simple guidelines, and if you have any problems, you know where to find us.