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Forever After(care)

Friday, 31 October 2014 by

We’ve tattooed or pierced you, giving you our aftercare spiel, and bid you adieu, but our job does not end there! We promised to help you through the entire healing process and we meant it. Aftercare for tattoos and piercings is a complex beast. Our recommendations are built on our own experience, the experience of

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Energy Addicts

Friday, 24 October 2014 by

Beautiful and horrible, is there any better way to describe Energy Addicts? The trio of energy harnessing devices, designed by Naomi Kizhner and constructed primarily of biopolymer and gold, are part of a speculative project designed to question our reliance on technology, and spark a discussion about how far we as a society would go

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Most people know that “cheap” jewelry can cause rashes, itchiness, dryness, and general allergic sadness in our bodies. (If you want to see pictures of these reactions, just google it, I’ll spare you the horror.)     What you may not know is the what, why, and what of metal allergies. What: What causes this reaction? Is

Body piercing has been used as a way of celebrating rights of passage in various countries around the world for centuries. In modern North American culture we still often use piercings to celebrate milestones in our lives. Navel piercings are popular with young teenagers approaching adulthood, as well as women looking to reward themselves for

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