Frenum Piercing

A frenum piercing is a type of penis piercing that goes through the underside of the shaft. These piercings can be done as a single or as a set of piercings (typically referred to as a frenum ladder).

When done as a single piercing, they are typically placed right on the underside of the coronal ridge, where the head of the penis meets the shaft. Frenum ladders start at that placement and are placed parallel along the underside of the penis towards the base. 

Once you get to near the base of the penis, the piercing is called a lorum. This is a colloquial term that was given to these piercings as they are "lower than a frenum". Lorums do differ slightly, as they are a combination of a frenum and a Hafada, so check out our page on lorum piercings for more information

Frenum piercings are typically pierced with a straight barbell, and once they are fully healed can be swapped out for curved barbells or rings, depending on your preference. These piercings are done with a longer barbell to accommodate for initial swelling, and need to be downsized around 2 months after the initial piercing. 

These piercings are considered functional for both the wearer and their partner as the jewelry can add sensation to both parties. 

For ease of healing and to reduce the stress placed on the body, our piercers will pierce no more than 3 frenums (or any genital piercings) in a single sitting, and clients must wait until they are fully healed to add more. 

Healing Time (approximate): 3-5 months

Downsize: 6-8 weeks

Standard Jewelry Size: 8g 

Standard Jewelry Style: Straight barbells