High Nostril Piercing

High nostril piercings are very much what they sound like - a nostril piercing that is higher up on the nostril than normal. High nostril piercings are often more difficult to heal than a regular nostril piercing because the tissue the piercing goes through is much thicker. 

Unlike traditional nostril piercings that are usually done at an 18g, high nostrils (and any other advanced nostril piercing) are done at a minimum of a 16g. This slight increase in size makes the piercing more stable and the tissue less likely to try to force it out of the body. 

High nostril piercings can be done individually, although they are commonly done in pairs. It is extremely important to downsize your piercings on time so that the posts can be shortened and the piercing doesn't endure additional trauma from long posts that are a snag risk.

High nostril piercings are also piercings that you will want a piercer to change out for you if you want to swap the jewelry as they are difficult to reach on your own. Even for a piercer with a full view of your face and the inside of your nose, the space at the top of the nose is small so it can be harder to grab onto the jewelry.  

Healing Time (approximate): 9-12 months

Downsize: 8-10 weeks (NECESSARY!)

Standard Jewelry Size: 16g 

Standard Jewelry Style: Stud with a flatback labret post

Note: as these are considered an advanced piercing, we only offer high nostrils for clients who are 18+