Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing

This piercing goes horizontally through the clitoral hood (protective fold of tissue that sits above/on top of the clitoris). It is generally pierced with a captive bead ring so ideally, the bead from the ring can rest against the clitoris. Anatomy required for this piercing is very specific; we want the clitoral hood to remain “external” (or protrude) when the legs are closed or in a standing position. If your labia closes around the hood in these positions, it will put undue pressure on the ring and will cause complications with the healing process. 

These piercings have a healing time of around 6-8 weeks or longer, and while they have the potential to be functional piercings, they are generally described as mostly aesthetic or ornamental verses stimulating.

Healing Time (approximate): 
Standard Jewelry Size: 


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