Jestrum Piercing

A jestrum piercing, also referred to as a vertical philtrum, is an oral piercing that goes through the cupid's bow and exits through the upper lip. These piercings have a similar look to a traditional philtrum piercing, without the added dental concerns. Since this piercing doesn't actually enter the mouth, there is little to no risk of tooth or gum damage to the person with the piercing. 

Jestrum piercings are done with curved barbells, and can be done with threaded or pressure fit jewelry, depending on the style of end you want. 

Jestrum piercings, like almost all piercings, are anatomy-dependant, but as long as you have a thick enough upper lip, you are likely a good candidate! If you are at all concerned that you don't have sufficient anatomy, we recommend you book in for a piercing consultation and we can take a look and recommend which piercings you have the anatomy for. 

Healing time for jestrum piercings is similar to other lip piercings, but usually a bit longer as the piercing is passing through thicker tissue. Piercings heal from the outside in, so even when it looks healed on the outside, there is still healing happening inside the tissue. It is important to come in for your downsizes on time and to avoid changing the jewelry until it is safe to do so. 

Healing Time (approximate): 6-9 months

Downsize: 3-6 weeks 

Standard Jewelry Size: 14-16g 

Standard Jewelry Style: Curved barbell



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