Nipple Piercings (18+)

Nipple piercings are piercings done through the tissue at the base of the nipple. These piercings can be done on people of any gender, as long as they have sufficient nipple tissue to accommodate a piercing. 

We will offer nipple piercings for clients 18+. We do not pierce minors for various reasons, but a major one being that breast tissue is still developing during puberty, and piercing the nipple can impact the growth and formation of that tissue. 

Nipple piercings are commonly a body-affirming piercing, whether that is reflecting your gender expression or increasing your self-confidence. There are a wide range of ends that we can put on a nipple piercing to accentuate your personal aesthetic, including colorful gems, bullet-cut opals, hearts, and more. 

Nipple piercings can be quite finicky, and take up to 12 months to fully heal, although they can continue to be crusty and weepy for 2-3 years post-heal. We only pierce using implant-grade jewelry and highly recommend you keep high quality jewelry in your piercings for the entire duration of their life. 

If you are considering top surgery or other breast/chest augmentation surgery, we recommend waiting until after you are fully healed to get nipple piercings as they will have to be taken out for surgery and we don't want you to have to go through healing twice. If the surgery you are getting involves the removal and reattachment of the nipples, it can be a few years until you are fully healed and ready for nipple piercings. For surgeries that do not require the removal of the nipple, typically piercings can be done 6 months to 1 year post-op. 

Healing Time (approximate): 9-12 months

Downsize: 8-10 weeks

Standard Jewelry Size: 12-14g 

Standard Jewelry Style: Straight barbells, either threaded or pressure fit



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