Oral Piercings

Oral piercings are a broad range of piercings that include those contained inside the mouth, as well as ones that have an exit on the face. This includes tongue piercings, labret piercings, and cheek piercings. 

Our piercers offer a variety of oral piercings to suit your personality, lifestyle, and aesthetic. 


Cheek - Cheek or dimple piercings are oral piercings that go through the tissue of the cheek and exit onto the outside of the face. As oral piercings swell significantly, they must be pierced with longer bars to accommodate swelling. Cheeks are notoriously difficult to heal, and are very likely to snag. We do not offer cheek piercings at our studio. 

Jestrum - Jestrum piercings, or vertical philtrums, are piercings that go through the upper lip with an end in the philtrum and an end resting in the middle of the upper lip. These are not true oral piercings as they do not go into the mouth, but have similar downsize times and are going through the lips. 

Lip - 


Tongue - Tongue piercings are done through the muscle of the tongue in the middle of the mouth. As the tongue is very vascular, it is important to ensure the piercing does not go through any veins on the tongue. Tongues are known to cause tooth and gum damage over time, even if fully healed and downsized. We do not offer tongue piercings at our studio. 

Vertical Labret - 



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