Tragus Piercing

A tragus piercing is a piercing that goes through the small piece of cartilage that goes over the entrance to the ear canal. 

Tragus piercings are done with studs and can be changed to a ring after they are fully healed if you choose, but many people keep a stud in their tragus long-term.

There are lots of pieces of jewelry that can be put in a tragus, as long as the piece chosen has a low profile. Oblong pieces of jewelry look excellent in tragus piercings as they fit the shape of the tissue and you can wear a more ornate piece of jewelry without it being too tall. 

Healing Time (approximate): 6-12 months

Downsize: About 2 months after initial piercing

Standard Jewelry Size: 16g

Standard Jewelry Style: Stud, usually a labret-style flatback post for optimal healing and reduced snagging.