Earlobe Piercing

Earlobe piercings are by far the most common piercing that we offer at our studio, and we are so pleased to provide a safe and clean environment for someone to get their piercings done. Whether it is your first piercing or your 14th, we love being involved in the process and helping make people feel more comfortable in their skin. 

Earlobe piercings are typically very easy to heal, and taken 3-6 months on average to fully heal (depending on the style of jewelry). After the 4-6 month mark, clients can switch out their initial piercing jewelry and wear other jewelry, as long as they are wearing jewelry 24/7 for the first 12 months. After 12 months, most clients can take jewelry out for periods of time and the piercing channels remain open (although if you are someone who tends to heal over quickly, we recommend wearing jewelry at all times to keep your piercings open). 

Earlobes can be pierced with studs or rings, depending on the client's preference and their lifestyle. We tend to avoid rings for children's piercings as kids tend to be more active and more prone to snagging. Studs are the gold-standard (or titanium-standard, depending on your style) and we find studs offer the best healing for earlobe piercings. 

Earlobe piercings, like most piercings, are pierced with a longer bar to accommodate for initial swelling, and then need to be downsized. Unlike some other piercings, earlobe piercings are more forgiving and do not always have to be downsized.

If you start to notice after 2 months the backings are long and starting to snag on things like your hair, your clothing, or towels, downsizing is a great option. If you are not noticing a lot of length on the barbells (2mm+) or they are not catching or bothering you, you may not need a downsize. 

For detailed information specifically on children's lobe piercings, please head to our page on Children's Earlobe Piercings

Healing Time (approximate): 3-4 months (stud), up to 6 months for a ring

Downsize: 1-2 months, as needed

Standard Jewelry Size: 16g  

Standard Jewelry Style: Stud or ring