Children's Earlobe Piercing

We are pleased to offer a safe and clean environment for children to get their first piercings done. We only use needles to pierce, and use sterile equipment and implant-grade jewelry to help ensure the health and longevity of their piercings. 

For children ages 5-13, we only offer earlobe piercings. Please see the Age Policy section for more information on which piercings can be performed at what age. 

Healing Time (approximate): 4-5 months for studs, 6 months for rings
Recommended Downsize Time: 6-8 weeks after initial piercing
Typical Jewelry Size: 16g studs with flat-back labret posts. 

Important Information

We do our children's earlobe piercings in tandem, which means two piercers are working together to pierce both ears at once. We find this is the best for younger clients, as the procedure is over and done with quickly. 

During the piercing procedure, we ask parents to remain in the lobby. This allows the piercer and the client to be able to be in communication without distractions, as well as offering the child a safe place to say no if they are not comfortable. We keep the door open at all times and the parents can clearly hear their child. 

 We have recently seen an increase in questions about numbing cream. We absolutely do not allow the use of numbing cream for a piercing. Not only is it ineffective (it only numbs the surface layer and the needle pierced the whole thickness of the skin) but it can change the texture of the skin and make it difficult to pierce accurately. 

ID Requirements

We require government-issued ID from all clients being pierced, including minors. For those under 16, we do not require photo ID. The ID must have the client's name and date of birth.

We also require photo ID from the parent or guardian who is providing consent for the minor. 


If you want to book your child for an earlobe piercing, please give us a call at 250-729-9999. We do not book children's earlobe piercings online as there is a lot of information we need to relay before the appointment. 


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