Good Form Piercing & Tattoos is a queer, female owned business located centrally in Nanaimo BC. 


Our mission and values:

We value our staff and trust them to make impactful decisions that benefit the collective team. We respect applicants to show up as their full selves, inclusive of pronouns and gender expressions, race and ethnicity, sexuality, ability, religion, and more. Whoever you are, this space will welcome you. This is a value-centered business that invites all interested persons to apply.    

Our mission statement is: To improve the lives of our clients through body neutrality and creative self expression, while improving the lives of our staff through excellent working conditions, comprehensive benefits, and livable wages.


Commitment to equity:

We have taken a good hard look at our current and past staff, and recognize a lack of racial diversity in our team, and that is out of alignment with out values. We are working to correct this, and will be reserving space in our interview schedule for BIPOC, Disabled, Queer, and Trans applicants. 



We have a physically accessible space with no stairs. Buses # 25, 30, and 50 stop right beside our parking lot, and the Country Club bus exchange is a short walk away. We are working to remove the barriers that may have prevented people from applying in the past. For our reception team, this includes industry related experience requirements. We believe that your lived experiences, and your time spent in other industries has value.  


Wage transparency and benefits:

We believe that wage transparency builds trust and the confidence that one’s efforts will be valued accordingly. Proven success on the job is more important to us than a strong resume. For our hourly staff, each job posting will include a starting wage. There is a 3 month probation period, after which salary is negotiable based on job performance. 

After 3 months:

  • Our reception team receive a percentage of daily tips
  • All staff receive medical and dental benefits
  • All staff receive an annual education budget
  • All staff receive annual first aid, CPR, and blood borne pathogens training 


    Learn more about each position within the shop





    We are currently seeking a receptionist/assistant manager 

    How to apply: 

    If you feel that you would be a good fit for our team, please apply with a resume and a detailed cover letter explaining why you want this job and what you will bring to the shop as our newest teammate. This is your opportunity to dazzle us, we want to hear your unique story! 

    We prefer in person drop offs in the morning between 11am and 12pm at 3-4047 Norwell Drive (please wear a mask). You can also email us at   

    If you would like to apply for this job, but there is some kind of barrier preventing you from doing so, please contact us to discuss what we can do to make this position accessible to you.


    We will be accepting applications until January 15th, 2021.