Tattoo Artist Jobs

Our ideal artist will:

  • Have a minimum of 3 years shop experience.
  • Maintain an excellent work ethic and respect all appointments.
  • Have solid artwork and an extensive portfolio demonstrating top quality (healed) work with clean lines, smooth shading, and vibrant colours.
  • Take pride in their appearance and hygiene.
  • Be utterly professional at all times (no drugs, no drama).

And in exchange we will provide:

  • A super clean and professional work environment.
  • A receptionist to handle all of your bookings, paperwork, and payments.
  • Access to our solid clientele base after almost 20 years in business.
  • An artistic environment to express yourself.
  • All disposables, including; barriers, needles, tubes/cartridges, and an extensive collection of ink.
  • All cleaning services and state of the art sterilization procedures for your reusable equipment.
  • Excellent commission based pay.
  • Employee status and excellent medical and dental benefits (available to permanent artists only).

To apply:

If you meet our criteria, please apply with a professional resume and pictures of your best work, including; hand drawn pictures, coverup before and afters, and fully healed pieces. We would also appreciate links to your website, Facebook, Instagram/etc where we can see more of your art.   

Guest spots offer competitive pay, all disposable supplies, and a chance to get to know us and the shop before applying for the job.

Please send resume and portfolio/links to: