Vulva Piercings

There are many different types of piercings available for those who have vulvas. All of these piercings are anatomy-specific, and some are considered ornamental versus functional. A list of different types of vulva piercings is available further down this page.

We offer most types at our studio, however; there are some that our piercers have not performed before so we will be very transparent when a client requests a piercing they have not performed before. 

Types of Vulva Piercings



Horizontal Clitoral Hood

Inner Labia

Outer Labia -  

Princess Albertina - 

Princess Diana/Duke



Vertical Clitoral Hood - By far the most popular vulva piercing we offer, a Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing (or VCH) is considered a "functional" piercing as the bottom ball on the barbell usually sits on or near the clitoris. 


All genital piercings require a consult ahead of time to ensure the individual has appropriate anatomy for the piercing, as well as to discuss any risks, lifestyle changes, and questions. If you are interested in getting genital piercings, please submit a booking form here


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