Conch Piercing

Conch piercings are cartilage piercings that go through the inner bowl of the ear. The front of the piercing sits inside the ear and goes through the back, with the exit on the back of the ear. These piercings are done with flat-back labret posts, and can be switched to a hoop once they are fully healed. 

As the conch is usually a large area, there is more opportunity for large pieces of jewelry to be used, or do have double conch piercings if the anatomy allows. This means that you can start off with some very detailed and interesting pieces right off the bat, if you so desire. 

Conch piercings tend to be an easier heal than other cartilage piercings as they are more tucked away, and less snagging happens. They still take about a year to fully heal, but as long as proper aftercare is followed, it is usually a smooth process. 

Healing Time (approximate): 6-12 months

Downsize: 8 weeks

Standard Jewelry Size: 16g 

Standard Jewelry Style: Stud, preferably a flatback labret post although barbells can be used in some instances