Corey Hobé - Guest Piercer

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JUNE 12-14 & 16-21, 2024

Corey has been piercing since 2011, and has made his home in Victoria, British Columbia for the past 7 years. Growing up in the suburbs outside of Montreal, he is fully fluent in French and sure loves a well made poutine.

Over the past decade, he has attended the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) conference in Las Vegas a multitude of times and even decided to volunteer in his first year of attendance. Having studied photography in CEGEP, he loves documenting the jewelry we work with in their most natural states, often
accompanied by crystals or flowers. Snagging a memory with the smiling faces of happy customers also can't be beat!

Emphasizing his bedside manner to be as laid back as possible, he focuses on extremely clear communication in the piercing room to make your experience as
comfortable as he can.

Working with kids under the age of ten has become a specialty of his over the years, as he has noticed how rewarding it can be to alleviate the concerns of your young one as they enter a very new environment. Keeping the piercing experience upbeat, he focuses on communicating how much work we put in to ensure their safety. It is such an honor to help build such a memorable experience for them, so he appreciates the trust that requires! High fives strongly encouraged.

If you were really looking to make his day, he loves to do conch or daith piercings. For extra credit, fitting those up with some rose gold would help match your jewelry together as that is what he himself wears!

Outside of piercing, Corey enjoys going to the movies, getting a high score on a pinball machine or nerding out about Pokémon!

Services available in English and French

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