Forward Nostril Piercing

Forward nostril piercings, also known as mantis piercings,  are nostril piercings that are placed on the very tip of the nose. These piercings go through the thick cartilage at the front of your nose and take longer to heal than traditional nostril piercings; however this doesn't mean they are a nightmare for the entire healing period. It just takes longer to heal through the thicker layer of tissue. 

Unlike the experimental mantis piercings of the 90's that used a curved barbell through the surface of the nose, these piercings are done with straight labrets that go horizontally through the tip of the nose. These piercings are done at a minimum of a 16 gauge for stability, with 14 gauge being preferable. 

As with standard and high nostril piercings, forward nostrils are pierced with studs, and the jewelry choices are more vast than people usually think. There are a wide variety of low profile pieces that work wonderfully in forward nostrils, and unless you want to start with plain titanium beads, you can get as fancy or as simple as you want with your initial jewelry. 

These piercings are not ideal for someone who has to wear a mask all day as the condensation and moisture build-up are a breeding ground for bacteria, and the friction from some mask fits can cause irritation to the fresh piercing. If you must wear a mask all day, please consult our piercers to see what they recommend. 

Healing Time (approximate): 9-12 months

Downsize: 8 weeks

Standard Jewelry Size: 16g minimum, 14g is preferred. 

Standard Jewelry Style: Stud, flat-back labret-style posts

Note: as these are considered an advanced piercing, we only offer high nostrils for clients who are 18+