Helix Piercing

A helix piercing is a type of ear cartilage piercing that is done on or near the upper rim of the ear. Many helix piercings done in the last 10-20 years were done directly through the rim of the cartilage, while we typically pierce just under the rim nowadays. 

Helix piercings are typically started off with studs, although there are few instances where we can start them with rings, and then after they are fully healed can be changed to rings, have charms added to them, or can be connected to other piercings with chains. 

When choosing which ear to get your helix piercing on, it is important to consider which side you can stay off of when sleeping for the entire healing period. Due to the placement, helix piercings have a higher chance of migration due to sleeping on than other cartilage piercings, although irritation and migration is definitely a possibility for any cartilage piercing. We recommend the use of a donut or travel pillow to sleep on so you can comfortably rest your healing ear inside the pillow and refrain from putting direct pressure on your new piercings. 

Healing Time (approximate): 6-12 months

Downsize: 6-8 weeks

Standard Jewelry Size: 16g 

Standard Jewelry Style: Stud, preferably a flat-back labret post, although barbells can be used in some instances. 



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