Mercedes Courtoreille


Body Piercer - They/Them

Mercedes moved to Nanaimo in 2012 from Alberta in order to study jazz at VIU. In 2015, Mercedes was hired as the shop’s counter person. When they discovered their infatuation with body modification was more than just an interest, they decided to make it a career and began their piercing apprenticeship in 2017. Now a full fledged body piercer, Mercedes has now been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers for over 5 years.

Outside of work, Mercedes is generally at home cuddling with their cat. As a queer and non-binary person, facilitating a safe and comfortable piercing experience for every person that comes into the studio is always their number one priority. Mercedes loves working on custom ear projects and curations, as well as anything they can put some fun and funky jewellery in!


Piercings by Mercedes


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