Our Values

Good Form Piercing & Tattoos is a queer, female owned business located centrally in Nanaimo BC. 


We value our staff and trust them to make impactful decisions that benefit the collective team. We respect staff and clients to show up as their full selves, inclusive of pronouns and gender expressions, race and ethnicity, sexuality, ability, religion, and more. Whoever you are, this space will welcome you.    

Our Mission  

To provide our clients with a safe and uplifting environment to facilitate self  expression, while improving the lives of our staff with a focus on personal and  professional growth and sustainability.  

Our Core Values

  • Inclusivity
  • Growth  
  • Collaboration  
  • Empathy 

The Good Form Way

We want safety and comfort for our clients and staff.

Being a queer and female owned business, Good Form strives to continuously be an inclusive space where all persons feel safe and supported to express themselves while being treated with dignity and care.  

We want the best for our clients and staff. 

Good Form prioritizes ongoing education, training and the development of skills for our staff. Our values and commitment to excellence are also extended to our products, services, and suppliers we work with to provide the best for our studio and clients.

We trust each other. 

By building on each person’s unique strengths, we can create a working environment where every single person is inspired to do their very best and help each other through collaborative teamwork that focuses on empathetic and compassionate communication. 

We take care of our community. 

Good Form is always there for our fellow small businesses and community members. We happily offer donations to any fundraiser that supports local persons or groups, and make donations to causes we believe in when possible.