Vulva Piercings

There are many different types of piercings available for those who have vulvas. All of these piercings are anatomy-specific, and some are considered ornamental versus functional. A list of different types of vulva piercings is available further down this page.

We offer most types at our studio, however; there are some that our piercers have not performed before so we will be very transparent when a client requests a piercing they have not performed before. 

Types of Vulva Piercings

ChristinaColloquially referred to as the navel of the vulva, a Christina piercing is a type of surface piercing that goes through the pubic mound, with the bottom bead sitting just between the apex of the vulva. As this piercing does not come in contact with the clitoris, it is considered a decorative rather than functional piercing. 

Clitoris - Most times when you hear the phrase "clit piercing", people are referring to a hood piercing. A true clitoral piercing is done through the clitoral glans, and can be quite an intense piercing due to all of the nerves there.  

Fourchette - Most similar to a Guiche piercing, a Fourchette piercing is located in the perineum. This piercing goes from the base of the vulva and towards the anus. This piercing is extremely anatomy specific, as the client must have a sufficient amount of tissue and distance between the anus and vulva. This is not a piercing we offer at Good Form Piercing & Tattoos. 

Horizontal Clitoral Hood - Similar to a VCH, a Horizontal Clitorial Hood piercing goes horizontally through the clitoral hood, and is typically done with a captive bead ring so the bead rests on the clitoris. HCH's are less common than VCH's, but are still popular and considered a functional piercing. 

Inner Labia - Inner labia piercings are done on the inner, hairless folds of the vulva, and can be pierced on one or both sides, depending on the available tissue. The labia must be large enough to support the piercing, and these piercings are done with rings. These piercings are typically decorative and not functional, although depending on the placement and the size of the labia, the piercing may bump the clitoris. 

Outer LabiaOuter labia piercings are done on the outer folds of the vulva. These are typically much thicker than the inner labia, as well as being more prone to trauma and snagging from daily activities. These piercings are decorative and not considered functional. 

Princess Albertina - Like the Prince Albert, a Princess Albertina goes through the urethra and comes out the vaginal opening. This piercing is very anatomy-specific, and does not tend to interfere with other vulvar piercings. This piercing is considered functional as it increased urethral stimulation. We do not offer Princess Albertina piercings at Good Form. 

Princess Diana/DukePrincess Diana/Duke piercings are essentially VCH piercings that are done on each side of the clitoral hood, rather than a single in the centre. The name Duke was dubbed for trans-men who got this piercing and wanted a less feminine name. 

Pubic - A pubic piercing is a type of surface piercing that is done on the pubic mound, similar to a Christina piercing, although pubic piercings can be done anywhere on the pubic mound. These are usually done with surface bars or anchors, and are long-term temporary like any surface piercing. 

Triangle - A triangle piercing is a very functional piercing that passes through the clitoral hood and behind the clitoral shaft. This piercing is extremely anatomy specific, and due to the placement is considered one of the most functional vulvar piercings. 

Vertical Clitoral Hood - By far the most popular vulva piercing we offer, a Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing (or VCH) is considered a "functional" piercing as the bottom ball on the barbell usually sits on or near the clitoris. 


All genital piercings require a consult ahead of time to ensure the individual has appropriate anatomy for the piercing, as well as to discuss any risks, lifestyle changes, and questions. If you are interested in getting genital piercings, please submit a booking form here