Piercing Services

Please note, we are appointment only for ALL services.

To book a piercing appointment, book online, or call us at 250-729-9999 or e-mail us at hello@tattoopiercer.com.

All of our piercings are performed using the highest quality implant-grade jewellery available on the market today. Our jewellery is made of implant-grade titanium, niobium, solid 14k gold, or often in the case of larger gauge piercings, immaculately polished pyrex glass.

We offer threaded and threadless (pressure fit) jewelry at our studio. All of our threaded jewellery is internally threaded to minimize trauma to the piercing channel. Our pressure fit (threadless) jewelry pieces press together to make a clean, secure connection. All of our jewellery is hand-polished to achieve maximum shine and a smooth surface to optimize healing, and is guaranteed for life against manufacturer's defects.

All of our piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers and are highly trained in aseptic technique, infection control and first aid/CPR. We have the most high-tech sterilization procedures. 

All of our basic piercings are guaranteed, and our piercers are happy to book you in for check ups if necessary. If proper aftercare instructions are followed and troubleshooted with one or both of our piercers, and your piercing still does not heal within a reasonable time, we will remove said piercing, and re-pierce you at no charge. 

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Piercing Fees

(not including cost of jewelry)

Ear LobesAll ear lobe piercings are 2 for the price of one. - $60

Basic Piercing Includes navel, helix, conch, nostril, lip, etc. - $60

Advanced Piercing - Includes bridge, surface piercing and industrials. - $70

Genital Piercings - All genital piercings require a minimum age of 18; a nipple piercing is $60 and all other genital piercings are $70

Second Additional Piercing - Save 50% of the piercing fee by getting a second piercing in the same sitting. - $30 or $35, depending on if it is a basic or advanced piercing. 

Click on the above piercings to see more detailed information about the healing times, standard jewelry, and other important information. 


The cost of jewellery is not included in our piercing fees. To guarantee our services, and ensure a safe and successful piercing, we are unable to pierce with jewellery from anywhere other than our studio.

If the piece was previously bought from us (or Tranceformations) we would be happy to use it for your fresh piercing as long as it is in good functioning condition. Occasionally, an older piece of jewellery will not be compatible with our current backings and a different piece may be required. 

As we offer a wide variety of jewellery we have to choose from, no two procedures end up costing the same amount. Our most basic pieces of jewellery that are suitable for most piercings start at $60 each. If you have more questions about jewellery, please feel free to call or email the studio, or visit our online store to pick out your dream piece prior to your appointment!

 All piercing appointments include time to pick out jewellery! If you want to purchase jewelry for healed piercings at the same time as your piercing appointment, please select "Jewellery Change/Sale" at the time of booking.  

Age Policy

  • We will do ear lobe piercings on anyone that is old enough to ask for it (with parental consent, of course), typically this is around 5 years and up; however parents are not allowed in the piercing room and will be asked to wait in the lobby.

  • We will do basic piercings at 14 years of age with parental consent and valid ID from both the child and parents.

  • We will do basic piercings at 16 years of age with valid ID.

  • Nipples, genitals, surface piercings and industrial ear piercings we limit to 18 years of age.

  • You must eat a meal within the four hours leading up to your appointment.

  • Note that ID is required for ALL piercing procedures. Please click here for more information on appropriate forms of ID. 

After Care

We have a variety of aftercare products available for purchase. Information is always free! We are available every day by phone or in person to answer any questions or deal with any problems that may arise.

Check out our comprehensive aftercare page for more info.